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We are currently hiring for full-time, part-time, and internship level positions. 

We’re on a mission to redefine the lifecycle of scientific lab equipment, making high-quality tools accessible and affordable for every lab. With a vision to become the national leader in lab equipment liquidation and resale within a decade, we’re driven by values of speed, integrity, clear communication, a deep passion for scientific instruments, and a commitment to simplicity. Join us in our journey to equip scientific pioneers with the tools they need, delivered with unmatched service and simplicity, in an environment where every contribution is valued and makes a tangible impact.

All jobs are 100% in-person at our facility in Fargo, North Dakota.

Job Opportunities:

Equipment Coordinator (Full-time)

Repair, test, and refurbish scientific equipment. Research equipment features, create listings, pack for shipment, and manage inventory.

Equipment Assistant (Part-time)

Create listings, pack for shipment, and help with inventory. Test, clean and complete minor repairs on scientific equipment.

Team photo of the members of lab liquidators' staff

A part-time employee who majored in electrical engineering and physics at NDSU recently said:

“Working at Lab Liquidators was fulfilling, fun, and beneficial. As an Equipment Assistant, I had a multitude of opportunities to apply classroom knowledge to real-world projects . . . “I would totally recommend working at Lab Liquidators for any student or recent graduate who wants a part-time job with flexibility, pertinent skill sharpening for scientists and/or engineers, and a great working environment.”

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